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#100 Astronaut Mike Mullane & Patrick Mullane

March 02, 2022
Alex MacPhail Podcast
#100 Astronaut Mike Mullane & Patrick Mullane
Show Notes

In this episode I'm joined by Astronaut Mike Mullane and his son Patrick. Colonel Mike Mullane flew three missions on STS-41D, STS-27 & STS-36. His son Patrick also served in the USAF and now Executive Director of The Harvard Business School. Both Mike and Pat have written incredible books, which we discuss in the conversation.

Mike's book Riding Rockets, is his perspective of going through selection and training to become an astronaut. Pat's book "the Father, Son and Holy Shuttle" is his perspective of being a child of an astronaut parent in the 1980's and the impact it had on his life. We thoroughly recommend you checking out both books.

Patrick Mullane is the author of The Father, Son, and Holy Shuttle: Growing Up an Astronaut's Kid in the Glorious 80s. The book tells of Patrick's life as the son of military aviator and astronaut Mike Mullane who ultimately flew into space three times on the space shuttle.

Mike Mullane is an engineer and Weapon Systems Officer, a retired USAF officer, and a former NASA astronaut. He is relatable, down-to-earth and has an incredible sense of humour and adventure.

I know you will enjoy this conversation. Remember to reach out via social media channels with your questions and send me your comments.


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