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#118 - Captain Linda Sollars - Jet Blue to building her own Aircraft

July 12, 2022
Alex MacPhail Podcast
#118 - Captain Linda Sollars - Jet Blue to building her own Aircraft
Show Notes

Linda Sollars has a fascinating story! She has covered several careers and is currently an airline Captain with JetBlue Airways. During her off time over the past few months, Linda has spend many weeks at Sling Aircraft in Johannesburg, building her own Sling High Wing, with a team support crew from Sling. This High Wing is the first off the production line and she has recently received her Federal Aviation Administration certification and license to fly the aircraft.

This conversation covered a wide range of topics, which tracked her varied careers over the past 40 years. She has been an insurance salesperson, an investment banker, a chief pilot, a safety consultant, a certified coach, an aircraft engineer and an airline Captain.

The next adventure is to fly the aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean to attend the Oshkosh Air Show. This trip will be three Sling High Wing aircraft, each having two pilots onboard. Two of the six pilots include James Pitman and Mike Blyth, co-founders of Sling Aircraft. These two gentlemen are no strangers to adventures in Sling's.

At the time of the interview, Linda was was for an FAA inspector to approve her aircraft for flight. It has since been given the green light. Well done Linda!

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