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#133 Noah Lieberman - Founder, LogTen Pro

August 02, 2023 Alex MacPhail
Alex MacPhail Podcast
#133 Noah Lieberman - Founder, LogTen Pro
Show Notes

Noah Lieberman was excited by flight from his first experience flying on a DC3 around Mexico as an 8 year old. Affectionately known as the Gooney Bird, the DC3 has found a warm spot in a lot of our hearts. Noah was keen to become an aerospace engineer. He also wanted to learn how to fly. 

Shortly after beginning his pilot training as a teenager, he ran out of funds. He later went to university and continued his career in the tech industry, repairing hardware and later delved into software development. He cemented his belief in customer service while working in tech support, which was evident while running Coradine. If you have ever found the need to reach out to Coradine, you will understand what I’m talking about. 

With a young family, he needed to make a strategic decisions to chase his dream of working in aerospace. Moving across the country and a new adventure began working, building websites for an Internet Service Provider. After several frantic years in the burgeoning website industry, Noah decided to make a big decision to get back to his dream of flight.

Noah continued his path to become a pilot. He was surprised by the amount of paperwork required to keep track of the flying details. Having been an Apple fan for several years, he decided to make his own database for his flying training. He was sure that other Mac users would be interested, so he posted it on a shareware service and quickly pilots from all over the world began adopting his “personal logbook”.

Pilots began to ask for specifics to their own needs and different logbook requirements for Civil Aviation organisations all around the globe. The launched on day one of the Apple App Store, being one of two aviation apps. This coincided with AirVenture Oshkosh, with hundreds of pilots arriving at his small booth announcing the launch of LogTen, by Coradine.

15 years and more than 150 000 customers later, LogTen has become the most successful logbook program for professional pilots.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Send me a message with any questions or comments about Noah or the podcast.

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