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#137 Franz Smit - Founder PilotInsure

September 21, 2023 Alex MacPhail
Alex MacPhail Podcast
#137 Franz Smit - Founder PilotInsure
Show Notes

Franz Smit is a pilot and founder of PilotInsure, a leading loss of licence insurance company based in South Africa. Franz grew up in the small town of Tarkastad, in the Eastern Cape. As a young boy, he regularly watched airliners fly overhead en-route to Johannesburg. This captivated his imagination and drove him to pursue a career in flying. 

Along the way Franz became a financial advisor and used his knowledge of aviation and insurance to dig deep into the world of “loss-of-license” cover for pilots. Franz is passionate about his alternative career in flying, serving aviation professionals, when they need it most.

After more than a decade Franz has become a well known name in the industry. During the Covid 19 pandemic, Franz used his network to arrange fly-in get togethers to support fellow pilots during the difficult times. The idea was to bring fellow pilots with their new business ventures and product offerings to a central venue, to help pilots sell their goods and services. Some of these businesses continue today.

Franz is passionate about his industry and gets fired up when talking about protecting a pilot’s number one asset, the flight medical and right to earn a living. As the title sponsor of this season of the podcast, Franz is keen to reach out and engage with pilots from all different disciplines of aviation, to ensure financial stability for their families.

This episode is proudly brought to you by PilotInsure. Reach out to PilotInsure to keep your destination alternate intact. Link to the episode in the first comments below.

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